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Consultations are by appointment only. This helps us manage the doctors’ time efficiently and reduce waiting times.
Phone number Phone number
9886 5522
Monday – Friday 9:00 – 5:00

Address Address

226 Springvale Rd, Glen Waverley VIC 3150, Australia
Urgent Problems
We always try to accommodate urgent problems if possible. Please ask your GP or optometrist to contact us if they feel it is an emergency. If your usual ophthalmologist is not available then we will try our best to offer an alternator doctor for the visit.
For your first visit, or if you have not attended this clinic for over 12 months, a referral from your GP or optometrist will be required to enable you to claim a rebate from Medicare. A referral is usually valid for 12 months from the date of issue. Please ensure that you have a current referral so that you can be reimbursed by Medicare. If you do not have a valid referral, you will still be attended; however Medicare will then not provide your refund for your consultation fee. If you are unsure about your referral status, please check with our staff at the time of booking your appointment.
A new consultation takes between 1 to 2 hours, depending on the types of test required and how busy the clinic is. A review consultation typically takes between 1 to 1 ½ hours, depending on individual conditions. At consultation, an orthoptist will conduct various tests which assist the ophthalmologist with diagnosis. Eye drops will usually be administered to dilate your pupils for the examination.
Can I drive?
If eye drops have been administered, you may find glare a problem and you may also experience focussing difficulties for a few hours – particularly up close. We suggest you bring your sunglasses with you and it is advisable not to drive yourself, or be prepared to wait an additional 1/2-1 hour for the effects of the drops to wear off.
We are not a bulk billing clinic.  Our fees are very reasonable and payment is expected after your consultation. Accounts not settled on the day of consultation will attract an administration charge.  MasterCard and Visa Credit cards are accepted as well as cash, cheques, and Eftpos from your bank account.    The cost of the consultation will vary according to which tests and procedures are performed during the appointment.  To obtain an estimate, ask at the time of making your appointment or ask the treating Doctor during your consultation.
Medicare Rebates
Most consultations will be eligible for a Medicare Rebate provided that you have a current referral from your family doctor or optometrist . If there is no rebate for a particular item, you will normally be informed prior to the procedure.
Waverley Eye Clinic is located directly opposite the main entrance to The Glen Shopping Centre in Glen Waverley. There is limited parking on the premises (entry on Fairhills Parade) and also street parking on Fairhills Parade. Please note any parking restrictions that may apply.

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